ASP or PHP?????

Are you confused what to select ASP OR PHP??? to start a website???????
Then Ask me!!!
First of all the question is,
amongst these languages, in which languages you are perfect
Second thing comes is, this is your personal website or making for some one???
If it is your own website then go with any language,
but if it is customers website where he/she has great demands, then i prefer php with wordpress, cause you'll get n number of plugins and guidance from worldwide php users including me

And one more thing which is very important, there are very few asp supported web hosting plans available with good up-time and other features,

So if you know php then always go with it,
Always get web hosting for php from Host Gator they are the best, and the most important thing is they have 24/7 live chat where you chat with technicians anytime

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So in the war of asp and php,
php wins


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