How to create a simple website

If you are really interested in creating a website, then first select in what language you want to php or
These two languages are most important, basic and famous around the world
If you go with php then start your website by using WORDPRESS
and if you decide to go with then go with BLOGENGINE
For wordpress you'll need to instal WAMP server in your local host machine and for blogengine IIS
That's it after installation you are set to start, just in web browser (i prefer Mozilla) type "localhost/websitename"
You are done your website will appear,
then you just need to customize by going into DASHBOARD
then just install some cool plugins and themes
You are done, without much time wasting in coding you can create websites and sell it to customers
for that you'll also require webhosting
the best which i use is hostgator go and grab your plan today cause they are the cheapest and the best

Go and give a try with BLOGENGINE or with WORDPRESS


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